Birthday Boy Thomas celebrated his 6th birthday! He loves everything of Skylanders! A vanilla cake with chocolate filling. On top decorated with a Skylanders print and a concrete side. 

The most creepy cake i have ever made… 

This cake was soooo time consuming!!! i had to create the skin part by part. It took me hours!!! This cake was made upon a special request of a mom who wanted to impress her son for it’s 6th birthday! 

Another princess cake for a birthday girl! 

She didn’t liked to much of marzipan so we made the dress with buttercream in combination with marzipan. And off course a pink dress ;-)

A cute Malteser Cake - the ultimate chocolate cake! 
Perfect for a baptism! 

A cute Malteser Cake - the ultimate chocolate cake! 

Perfect for a baptism! 

A Winter Castle for the little princess

This was a massive project! I wanted to make a winterpalace.. in cake :-)

So please let me know if you like it. It’s a vanilla sponge cake, filled with chocolate buttercream. everything you see, included the towers are edible. The princess not but her dress is made of sugarpaste. hope you like it! 

A K3 cake for Louise’s Birthday!!! 

A pink, girlie vanilla sponge cake with chocolate buttercream on the inside. 

Tristan <3 Mario Bros

So we made him a green sponge cake, filled with buttercream flavoured with Nutella ;-)

An oldschool feeling with Mario and other characters from the famous Nintendo video game! 

Everything is created with fondant and coloured marzipan

Peppa Pig! 

Yara turned 5 years! She wanted a pink Peppa Pig cake. The inside had to be half pink and half chocolate with Nutella buttercream ;-) 

She was very happy with the result so that made me also happy ;-)

Do you know petit-beurre biscuit? 

Well, it’s very popular here in Belgium. It’s made of petit-beurre biscuits, layered with vanilla buttercream or mokka buttercream. De sides are covered with fresh Brésilienne nuts or chocolate sprinkles. On top, i made a nest look-a-like with a chocolate bunny or a chicken. Perfect for Easter! :-)

Meet Princess Rapunzel (Raiponce) 

This princess is created out of a chocolate sponge cake with a filling of mousse au chocolat! Decorated carefully with sugar fondant. 

Cupcakes in the Same Disney theme .. Rapunzel (Raiponce) and her Lizard

Vanilla cupcakes with pieces of chocolate.. decorated with Vanilla buttercream or chocolate buttercream an personalised with a tag. 

Sooo cute for any birthday party!!! 

Just finished a Rapunzel Cake (Raiponce) 

It’s a pink cake with flower decorations for a little girl named Nacera. She is turning 4 years old! 

It’s a vanilla sponge cake with vanilla buttercream inside. Sooo good!!! 

Baking cupcakes &#8230; with pink and blue sprinkles mmmmmmmmm

Baking cupcakes … with pink and blue sprinkles mmmmmmmmm

Let’s go swimming in the pig pool :-)

Just made a cake for another Bday! In dutch the person that is celebrating it’s bday is called a “feestvarken” if we translate it it would be something like a party pig ;-)

This cake is decorated with chocolate mousse, chocolate ganache and KitKat wafers. 

Nice weekend! 

Dora & Diego the Explorer! 

And off course, another version for all her friends in school :-)

Personalized cupcakes with her name and the number 4! 

We used vanilla sponge cakes with a cream topping and Vanilla logo on top of it.